To be a member of BKCC, you can fill our membership form online or send an email to [email protected]. You can either be a member physically by attending our Church located in Calgary or join our eChurch if you are not physically present in Calgary. For now we will be meeting online and we will notify you when we started meeting at a physical location

To be a volunteer worker in BKCC, visit the volunteer section on our website and fill out our volunteer form. Indicate the roles and departments where you are willing to serve. You will go through our orientation program for new workers and you will be fixed up in the right departments where you have the capacity to serve. Click this link to fill the volunteers form:

At BKCC, you come as you are. You can be in suits, as well as jeans and T-shirts. During our Worship Buffet program, it is an international worship day where you can wear your native attires as you come to worship God. On Fridays, which is our prayer and bible study meeting, you can come with a casual dress. It is important that we dress modestly.

It would be easier to say who cannot. The young and old, single and married, those with and without children, and a diversity of races can attend BKCC. We look forward to hosting families with children and teenagers, young marrieds and singles of all ages.

You can join any of our ministries such as the Men’s ministry, Women’s ministry and Generation Next depending on your age group or marital status. We also have various departments where you can serve such as creative arts, creative media, music ministry, drama ministry, digital marketing, prayer, bible study, children ministry etc depending of where you are willing to serve

We hold the Holy Communion the first Friday of every month.during our “Night of Divine Encounter (NODE)

Yes. We do each of these a few times a year as the need arises. Announcements are made for each in the church.

We have contemporary praise and worship that lasts from 25–30 minutes. We are also involved in a variety night known as “Worship Buffet” which is held three times a year on a Sunday morning. This is our international worship day where people come with their different attire and music are rendered in different languages. We also hold an annual concert known as “Free 2 Worship Concert.”