The Power To Begin Series 3.0 |14 Reasons Why People Don’t Begin | BKCC

What are the 14 Reasons Why Many Don’t Begin?

  1. Fear/Lack of Courage: Moses
  2. Many are Incapacitated: Joseph and Samson
  3. Thinking that we lack the necessary credentials: Moses and Gideon
  4. Settling for less:  Abraham
  5. Being entangled by the riches of this world: The rich man
  6. Having a fear of the giants in the land: The ten spies
  7. The pleasure of this world: Lot’s wife
  8. Fear of Believability: Moses and Joseph
  9. Fear of Acceptability: Moses and  Jesus were s rejected, yet they accomplish their mission
  10. Thinking that we don’t have the ability. None in Israel could confront Goliath except David.
  11. Analysis Paralysis:  Proverbs 3:5-6 (Message)
  12. Fear of Small beginning: Zechariah 4:10
  13. Fear of Opposition: Joseph, Jesus, Nehemiah, Moses all had opposition, but they all accomplished their assignment.
  14. Not willing to step out of your comfort zone – Abraham and Peter stepped out of their comfort zone.