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Your Marriage Needs Prayer: We will be Praying for Marriages

Praying for marriages is one major thing we must constantly do. The first recorded miracle that Jesus did was at the wedding at Cana of Galilee. Jesus performed this miracle even before he started his ministry. He told His mother that she was disturbing him before His time. However, He still did this miracle. Many marriages are lacking wine today. The wine has finished in many homes and their marriage needs an encounter with Jesus who can supply new wine. Many homes are at the verge of crashing but there is a God who can heal homes and marriages.

Marriage was the first institution that was attacked by Satan. Husbands and wives are trading blame today just like Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden. Satan’s aim is to actually destroy our relationship with God and one of the strategies he is using to achieve that is by destroying homes. He believes that if he can get the wife, he will get the husband and vice versa.  Just like God covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve, God is still able to cover our nakedness in our marriages if we allow Him. 

Love and submission is scarce in many marriages today. Yet, the scripture likened marriages to the relationship between the Church and Christ. God expects wives to submit to their husbands like the Church submits to Christ and He expects husbands to love their wives just like Christ loves the Church. Homes and marriages is the smallest unit of the Church. If all homes are safe and secure, then the church will be safe. Every attack on marriages  is an attack on the church so we must not take it lightly. 

Let us pray today that God will heal our homes and marriages so that we can begin to enjoy new wine as from today. Also pray for loved ones whom the devil is attacking their marriages. 

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