Praying for a Divine Encounter | NODE Prayer Session

What is a divine encounter?

Today, we will be praying for a divine encounter. Firstly, you need to first understand the definition of an encounter. Encounter means an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something. It also means to engage in conflict with or to come upon face-to-face. Encounter is an occasion when two teams play against each other. An encounter with God is a divine encounter. When you encounter God He is able to deal with the enemy of your progress. When Jacob had an encounter with God, he did not only get a new name and a new character but he also started leaping from that day on. His physical strength was tampered with so that he could continually rely on God for spiritual strength.

An encounter can change the course of your life. Mary had an unusual encounter with God that almost made his fiancée to leave her. She became pregnant by the power of the Holy Ghost as a result of the encounter. However, when God intervened, Joseph reunited with Mary. She became a blessed woman who gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

What happens when you have a divine encounter?

When you have an encounter with God, you must be careful of a negative attitude. When Zechariah encountered God, God did not only give him a son, He also dealt with his doubt. He became dumb for nine months before he could speak again. Although the ultimate aim of a divine encounter is to give you some positive outcome, God also deals with the flesh in the process. 

A divine encounter may change your ambition and your profession. An encounter may totally change the course of your life. When Moses encountered God he had to leave his profession of tending the flocks of Jethro for God’s assignment. A mere shepherd eventually became a great prophet. Elisha did a similar thing. He left his profession and followed Elijah. He eventually got the double portion of the spirit of Elijah. 

When Peter had an encounter with Jesus, he left his fishing profession to become a fisher of men. Just like he caught a lot of fish at Jesus’ command, he started fishing for men and he won thousands of souls for the Lord. When Paul also had an encounter with God, it changed his dreams and vision and he became mightily zealous for God. 

As you pray for a divine encounter today, you have to be willing to yield totally to His will.

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